Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun fun!

(And yes...this picture was doctored in Photoshop to add the Ottawa background!)

I"'m so excited! My brother and his wife (Ron and Lynne) are arriving tonight! They are flying here to hang out with us for 7 days (no kids!) This is their first time taking a trip without their children in..well...7 years! We're also going to "The Police" concert on Thursday night.

I don't know if they are as excited about coming as I am about having them here....but I'm thrilled!!!



Cheryl said...

Hi Yvonne, just blog perusing for the first time in ages.

Love your entry on self-correction. Brilliant parenting! You should be proud of yourself (i'm being sincere. fyi since written comments don't always translate well).

It's a good lesson to keep in mind.

Yvonne said...

Hmm...I wonder which Cheryl this could be???