Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You do WHAT to your face?!?

Okay...a friend suggested that I blog about this!!

I've watched alot of my friends spend gadooles of cash on fancy face creams and soaps, and always thought it odd. Now...let me preface this by saying that I DO NOT have very very sensitive skin. A close friend of mine has eczema, so of course, she has to be ultra cautious. I'm not prone to breaking out either (only one zit here or there). But I do have very fair skin, and I burn really easily. So if you have problem skin...ignore my handy tips!

If you've seen my Mom, you know that she probably has the NICEST skin of anyone you'll ever meet. It's completely soft and smooth. She does not look 68! Wanna know HER secret? Every night since I was a kid, my mom uses baby oil on a cotton ball (with 2 drops of water) to remove her makeup. It removes the makeup fabulously. She doesn't rinse it after...she just leaves the remnants on and goes to bed. Voila...after 25 years....she still has amazing baby-bum skin!

So....perhaps I learned to not fear the 'unconventional' from my Mom! There are a couple "unconventional" things I do as well:

Makeup Removal: I use baby diaper wipes to remove my makeup. They work fantastically, they are inexpensive, and they are safe for sensitive skin. I got the tip from a magazine article interview with Madonna! She uses them!

Cleansing: Johnson & Johnson has a baby wash in a yellow bottle called "Moisturizing Baby Wash - with Aloe and Vitamin E". I figure if it's safe for a newborn, it should be great for my face! And it is! (and the nice smell it has makes me remember when my girls were teeny babies!)

Moisturizer: My favorite face moisturizer is something called "Udderly Smooth - Udder Cream". My Mom's doctor suggested it when she had incredibly dry skin due to chemo. It was developed to help cows with chapped udders. It was a miracle cure, and they developed it for people to use!

In the summer, I mix Cover Girl liquid foundation with any moisturizer. (Around 1 part foundation to 3 parts lotion) I put it in a little jar, and use it as a tinted moisturizer. (I personally use the udder cream, but when I'm going to be outside, I choose a moisturizer that has a high SPF - usually Vaseline Brand Lotion) If you choose a foundation that is a tad darker than your natural skin, you get a natural tanned look too!

Elmer saves the day. Elmer glue that is. Okay....calm down. Don't freak. But yes...I put the liquid Elmer's school glue on my face. On my NOSE, actually. You spread it on nice and thick, wait for it to dry (it dries clear, you can't even notice it) and then gently peel it off. What happens? GOOD BYE, BLACKHEADS! Have you ever used those blackhead removal nose strips by Biore? It's just glue ya know! Elmers is non-toxic, (safe even if eaten by kids - hehe). So it's fine for contact with your skin. really leaves your skin SOFT after you peel it off! (and you get the satisfaction of seeing all those little thingies stuck to the glue-strip if you hold it to the light)

Don't want to use glue? (ya big baby!) Then my favorite other black head helper is a simple removal took you can get at Shoppers Drugmart (or any Pharmacy.) You may have to click the image to see close up...but the top flat end is for blackheads. You put it beside the blackhead, and gently press...and the sucker pops up! The other loopy side is for whiteheads. Place the tool over the pimple (so that the pimple is in the centre) and gently press and slide. Pop!

Ex foliation:
Another favorite I have is my old electric toothbrush (a cheapo one I got) Wet it, and gently move it over areas of your face that have some dry or dead skin (like the sides of your nose). I use it all over my face (gently, people!) and it gently exfoliates. Feels great afterwards! I also use it on my gets all the dry skin off...and leaves them soft and smooth.


Brigitte said...

u did it I am proud of you. Good idea by the way I think i need a electric tooth brush now.

One of Freedom said...

I love those Biore strips, but they is expensive. I'll have to try gluing the end of my nose!

Hey, I could glue things to the end of my nose. Now, look what you've done, gone and given me some ideas.

Jennifer said...

Great tips, I'll have to pull out that utter cream you got me years ago. I use it from time to time.

Erica said...

You're like the Martha Stewart of skin.
All these handy little tips are a GOOD thing!

Debi said...

I love it, Yvonne! lol I am laughing so hard right now -- I love tricks like this that are cheap! How fun! Thanks for sharing - you made my day. lol