Monday, May 19, 2008

Oma and Opa in Ottawa

My Mom and Dad have been visiting this week! They leave tomorrow...but we've had a great time! It also just happens to be their 48th wedding anniversary tomorrow!

Here are some pics

Breakfast at Cora's

Dinner at Montana's with the kids

Dad is always taking pictures, so I thought i'd take a picture of him taking pictures. :P

Then of course, they have to LOOK at the photos they just took....
Aila gets upset that she wasn't in the previous photo

Full blown pout....starting....... NOW!


Trudy said...

We are having a great time and made many memories to digest in the days to come once we are home.

Thank you Jason and Yvonne you can tell I am in my glory by the same grin on my face on every picture (only the backgrounds are different!)Wonderful to see the girls.

Right now Anneka is playing against Opa on the X-Box. Yvonne's friend Vikkie left it here for her to play with. That is not my thing.

Tomorrow we go back to Winnipeg as Yvonne mentioned. Once we are home I will post some of the pictures we took.

Lynne said...

There was no doubt a good time would be had! Cora's . . . . ummmmmmmmmmm! So sorry Aila. My boys (at least Evan) would have reacting similarily. We are secretly getting an XBox in a few months for the boys but sshhhh, they don't know it yet. Hudson dreams about it so I know he'll be so happy. Our dilemma is whether or not getting one is a good thing or not.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hey Yvonne,
You can tell by the happy expression on their T&T both's faces, that being with you and J. + A&A, make them so happy!!! Where-ever you would go with them, they will be very thankfull , just being with you and your family makes them so happy:)And I can imagine WHY! Course you & J=A&A are a great persons.

Its great that they are both able to visit you so often in OTTAWA, that makes it better to digest for all of you individual. You all love each other so much, I never met such a happy, sweet, loving family before! And I mean that...!

I am proud that I met you all (also your Brother R&L, and their fantastic children. I am just wondering how it would be to met you other Brother P+J &
their 2 children , That would be so awsome!

Thanks so much for posting this photo's I love them all!!:)