Saturday, July 26, 2008

26 Hour Drive from Ottawa to Winnipeg!

This was taken on the third morning. Anneka was tired of donuts for breakfast.

Aila was NOT tired of donuts.
Once the sugar rush wore off...Aila fell asleep. Incredible views! Who would have thought that this landscape was in Ontario!

This shot looks more like Bermuda than Ontario!

A little store in Wawa, Ontario. Jason's family used to stop in this town when THEY did this mammoth drive. So for old-time sake...we stopped too!
(Yes..that used to be a real moose. Now it's just stuffed!)

This chipmunk and his buddy live at the store, and feast on this bag of peanuts!Hmm...distant cousins? hehe

The girls didn't wanna get out of the van here. They were happy doing some sticker book activity. (as you can see, Aila is still intently working on it)

We thought we'd throw in a picture of a Manitoba Highway, just for fun!


Joyska said...

i'm glad you are home... give me a call, i would love to see you! 219-8789

Deanna Momtchilov said...

The drive is beautiful! A bit sketchy at night, but gorgeous during the day! I totally remember stopping at that store in Wawa! :)

Nancy said...

Great pictures, especially of Aila zonked out.

Lynne said...

Aila sure looks older especially in that back seat picture. Amazing!