Monday, July 21, 2008


Here we are in a hotel on our way to Winnipeg.
After swimming with Daddy while I was working...Aila came marching into the room....came right to me, and put her hand on her hips:

"Mommy....Jason James Parks splashed me in da eyes!!!"

It appears that every time Jason does something that somewhat irritates Aila...she refers to him as "Jason James Parks"

and nooo...I have NO idea where she got THAT from.. *eyes darting side to side*


the calling said...

how funny! and I hear you are to have coffee with my sister, the blog stalker...hehe.
we must have coffee too when i come to kingston in september or october!

Yvonne said...

I'm having coffee with her? Not that I know of!! We're in Winnipeg for a month!!!

What are you doing in Kingston?

Nancy said...

Hope you have a safe journey and a wonderful visit.

the calling said...

I'm not in Kingston, but I am coming in the fall sometime to visit.

My sister said your friend Dana introduced her sort of to you...