Saturday, July 5, 2008

Product Rave

Look what I found in DOLLARAMA!'s John Frieda hair stuff...for a DOLLAR!!

RED: Colour Hydrate - Fade defying masque (aka: Conditioner)
RED: Colour Lust - Daily colour sealer (aka: leave in serum)

For those of you who say "Well, my hair isn't red...". Well...these products are both clear/white. They don't contain dye, so I'm not sure HOW they could be only for redheads?! They say that they seal in colour. I think if you have coloured hair...they will be a great asset. (no matter what color your hair)

And holy they leave your hair soft!

To get great quality products for $1? Stock up and give them to all the brunettes you know for Christmas!


'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

SURE! A Good idea for Christmas :)

Good weekend wishes from JoAnn (RED head..hint.. hint!)

Sharon Emanuel said...

I know how much you love Dollarama (almost as much as you love Jason) but I have some bad news for you. Recently, it was discovered that they were selling counterfeit (gasp!) Oral B toothbrushes. So I wouldn't trust anything brand name that normally goes for significantly more. Health Canada issued a warning because someone had the bristles fall out - a choking hazard. They recalled the toothbrushes.