Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

I have more pictures coming from Vikki and Rhonda's cameras, but for now, here are the photos!

Rhonda and I out for dinner at Casey's with the family

Aila and I

Eating Beaver Tail pastry on the Rideau Canal.

Rhonda and I on the Rideau Skating Rink (that's me on the left, wearing Jason's very puffy jacket. It's waaaay too big, but it's soooo warm, I didn't care if I looked like the Michelin Man!)

Rhonda, Jason, and the girls.

This is Maple Taffy...they pour it into the snow, and roll it on a stick. Yummmy!

The world's largest Skating Rink (wider than a regulation sized hockey rink!)

Rhonda in brown, me in poofy black/pink hat, Anneka skating in blue, and that's Aila in the sled....

Anneka doing amazing on skates!


Trudy said...

Great Pictures Yvonne, looks "Gezellig" there, but......Winnipeg now has the longest skating rink/trail in the world.

Jennifer or Sammie said...

That looks like such great fun!! That would be one thing I would love if we lived in the North.