Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hurray for Jay!

Jason was in Winnipeg on business last week. He took Anneka with him since we had some airmiles, and while he was in Altona for Friesens sales meetings, Anneka hung out with Oma! Aila and I stayed home in Ottawa, and had some fun of our own, just the two of us!

Since Jason was in Winnipeg, he took the opportunity to talk about Exodus Cry as well. He shared at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard on Sunday morning, at Sanctuary House of Prayer on Sunday evening, and even appeared on God Talk Radio. Monday night he held a seminar where he taught about Human Trafficking, and how the ministry of Exodus Cry is involved in the issue. He was a busy guy!

In business news, Jason called me Friday night to inform me that he had won the Presidents Cup award for the third time! (Most New Accounts) He actually won TWO awards that night. I couldn't be more proud of him! Not just for winning the award (which he loves, because now it's become a little 'collection' on the shelf in his office, that he can't wait to add to) but for how he is following God, and his passion to see justice in the area of slavery.

I'm a lucky girl :)


Lynne said...

Wow, Anneka looks like a teenager already. She looks much older than her age.

Trudy said...

Yes that is a very nice picture, if I may say so!

We are so very proud of Jason. He is very dedicated in whatever he does.

Way to go Jason!

It was so great having the two stay with us.