Monday, February 8, 2010

100th day

Today is the 100th day of school for Anneka and Aila.

So each class does something special...usually involving bringing "100 of something" (usually cheerios for us)

Another thing Aila's class was asked to do was "Dress like you're 100". Translation? They have to dress like they are 'old'.

Well...lets see. Who are the 'oldest' women in our family? Why, Gramma and Oma of course! Shall we dress like them?

Well....funnily, that won't work for us since one of them loves wearing pink/red, anything that sparkles or glitters, and has more than a couple mickey mouse or carebear t-shirts. The other wears skinny jeans, form fitting tops, is smothered in accessories....and likes a nice animal print for fun. Both wear full makeup, and always have their hair done nicely.

So....Aila went dressed head to toe in pink, with a shirt that has sparkles on it. When asked, she intends to reply "I'm dressed like Gramma".


Nancy said...

Ahhh...I am so honored . But...they do have a Great Grandmother who will soon be 102 years old, Nanna Parks. Then again how does one dress like Nanna ? Jammies ??? Nope...maybe a velour outfit and a sweater and a book in her lap.
Are there pictures to look forward to ? Love and hugs to all. Gramma.

Lynne said...

Too funny!

Trudy said...

Awww, that is so cute, did you take a picture?

BecsLifeOnline said...

Aww brilliant! Pictures please :-)

Ren said...

I'm very glad to hear your dad is okay right now. Hope you are too. Love you

Vikki said...

its soooo quiet in here :(