Monday, November 1, 2010

What's up?

Work! Busy! I'm loving it!

The longer I'm in this business, the longer I notice how there are very few graphic designers making a living at this. Most can't find enough work to make a steady living. I think it can really come down to business savvy. Just because you have a great eye for design doesn't mean you have the ability to market yourself and create an income flow. They are 2 very distinct things, I'm coming to see.

I know an interior designer who is very talented, and finding a similar problem. How to get clients? I found myself thinking about her non-stop after hearing her story. I could help her...I know I could. I should get right on that.

I'm glad Halloween is over. Thankfully, our kids' Catholic school doesn't allow costumes, so the only thing to navigate were some Halloween crafts...and Aila asking if she could dress like a vampire. I explained what a vampire was (in short, a mythical creature who murders people and drinks their blood) which was enough to change her mind about it. I wasn't even trying to scare her. I just gave her the facts like I would any other question asked.

I love how my kids simply explain to people about our choice to skip the Halloween thing. "We don't celebrate darkness" they say. It's a simple answer...which is usually followed up by "We are going to the wave pool! And McDonalds.....and..." and their friends usually reply "'re so lucky!!!"

So yes, as our "Halloween Alternative", we took the girls to the wave pool, out to McDonalds, (along with Ron & Lynne, kiddos, and Oma/Opa) and then bought them a tonne of candy. (only the ones they like!) They were thrilled.

(I'm remembering the last time I posted anything about Halloween. It was like throwing a grenade. People go soooo upset! Well, that's why I'm not allowing comments on this post. This is our have yours. Enjoy.)

Anyway...not much new. But I thought I'd update!