Friday, July 22, 2011


Ahhh...summer. I love it! I love the heat (well...mostly because we have A/C!), love the sun, love that you don't need to bundle up..(shorts and sandals!) and I love the lazy feeling. Before I die, its my dream to live in a place that has comfortable summer weather year-round. Like California....that would suit me just fine! :)

But back to summer: First, the girls are home...which means no waking up early to rush them out the door. Nice! Secondly, one of my major publishing contracts is closed for a 2 weeks summer break, so my days are much much slower. Again, nice!

We've kept Anneka busy with camps. First VBS, then an "arts" day-camp, and next week she's gone all week to sleep-away-camp at Ottawa Vally Pentecostoal Camp. This will be her second year going..but it still makes me nervous to think of her away for an entire week! She sure is growing up! And Aila, btw...refuses to attend any camps...saying "I'm away from you all day when I'm in school. When its summer...I just want to be with you!" How can you say 'no' to that?!

Last week I took Anneka to her first concert. We saw Taylor Swift, in Montreal...and it was AMAZING!! She and I drove out on Thursday to Montreal, went to the concert, stayed the night in a hotel, and then Jason and Aila joined us for the next day and night. (they took the train...which was a thrill for Aila!) Saturday was Aila's 8th birthday, so we made the trip into a birthday weekend for her.

Here are some photos!

A very happy Anneka, watches as Taylor Swift hits the stage!
Showing off her "Anneka Swift" t-shirt (Her face on TS's body!)
Aila checking out her ticket at the train station

Aila and Jason on the train
Anneka enjoying the pool!
Aila at Montreal's bio-dome. (See the alligator in the water?)
Being silly of course... hehe

Jason and I 
Aila's "Birthday Breakfast"
Anneka took this photo of me

Now we are off to see Anneka perform at her Arts Camp Finale Concert. I'm looking forward to it! She's singing a solo, is performing in a drama, and presenting some paintings she did. Then it's off to Ron and Lynne's to enjoy their pool, and have dinner.

Ahhh...summer. Love it!


Lynne said...

I would love to hear Anneka's performance some time! Maybe I can drive with you to pick her up at the end of the week (unless you make that a family thing) . . . . just asking. :)

Vikki said...

thanks for the update :) so awesome!