Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I knew this day would come. I just didn't know when. But here it comes. Anneka is studying "Families" in health class.

Anneka: "Mommy....I know where babies come from you know...."
Yvonne: *stunned silence, but then trying to be nonchalant* "wha? Oh? yeah? Cool. (do kids still say cool?) Uh...soooo...where do they come from??" *holds her breath*
Anneka: *rolling her eyes* "Why....a UTERUS of course!"

When Jason got home, I told him about our conversation, and he had to ask further:

Jason: "Hey does the baby get INTO the uterus?"
Anneka: "Huh?"
Jason: " there a zipper or something?"
Anneka: "Oh Daddy...*sigh* GROWS there!!"

Okay! End of conversation. Let's give it another year so I can regain some oxygen.


One of Freedom said...

Sharon and I have been talking about having "the talk" with Elyssa. Neither of our parents talked at all about anything like this with us. Right now they say babies come out of mommy's bums! Chelsea asks things like, "do you bleed when a baby comes out of your bum?" My problem is that I joke when I'm uncomfortable and I really don't want to turn this into a joke so that Elyssa is uncomfortable talking with us about it. That is why we are thinking about "the talk" already. Yikes.

Kristi from Canada said...

That's awesome!

Ren said...



Trudy said...

Way to go Anneka!


I hope she does not ask me!


Deanna Momtchilov said...

You should have heard Simeon (at 3) asking if he will be 'throwing balls at Esther's tummy so the seeds will make a baby' (his words - not mine) when he grows up!!! You can probably imagine the conversation that preceded that question!