Monday, March 31, 2008

Urban in the Suburbs

You hear all kinds of urban language on just don't expect it to come from a cute little blond 7-year-old in a Tinkerbell T-shirt!

Anneka, try this cookie! It's good!
Anneka: No thanks. I won't like it.
Jason: Well...I LIKE I'm sure you will too!
Anneka: Well, I'm not like you, yo!

1. YO

A declarative or imperative exclamation, whether alone or within a sentence.
Example: Yo! What do you think you are doing?! Yo, just do your job! YO!

Hurray for the little boys next door. This is right up there with her saying "bom chicka wah wah"

1 comment:

Vikki said...

I'm so glad you have boys next door :) that way mine shock you just a little less!