Monday, March 31, 2008

Google is a better doctor.... soon as we stopped giving Aila Motrin (an 8-hour fever reducer), her nosebleeds stopped!

It was only then that it dawned on me...."I wonder if Motrin is aspirin?" (Aspirin thins the blood) Sure is! Then after some time on Google, i found out that some people have a sensitivity to Ibuprofen, and that is has been known to cause nosebleeds!

That is info that would have been nice to hear from the DOCTOR last week. (We did tell him we were using Motrin to control her fever!) Arrrgghhh!! I mean, even if we didn't know about her sensitivity to it, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if your kid is bleeding, you don't want to be giving her something that THINS her blood! Jeepers!

The poor kid....


Ren said...

Poor little Potato!

It doesn't surprise me that Google came through for you. All hail the mighty power of Google!

Ahem... okay... maybe I like Google a bit too much.

One of Freedom said...

I had terrible nose bleed problems when I was a kid. But my parents naver made the connection that I was eating childrens asperin like candy (they were so orangy good). My grandmother worked in the Bayer plant (Richmond Hill) so we always had tonnes of asperin products in our hall closet, so it isn't like there was only one bottle they had to keep track of. I made the connection as an adult. Yikes!

My nosebleeds were so bad that I once woke up completely covered in blood thinking I was dying. I spent some time in the hospital over that one!