Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Paul is Here!

We have a guest this week! Our good friend Paul Dawson has flown out to spend a week with us! We've had a fun time so far: Touring Parliament, showing him the city, Sussex Drive, The Works, breakfast at Coras etc.

This is a burger I ordered at The Works. Please don't barf.

What's on it, you ask? Well...uh....it's one of their specialties.

Jack Cheese
Cream Cheese

Nuff said.

And to answer your next question....it was actually quite tasty! (even tho it looks like it's been eaten once before...) hehe. Paul and Jason stuck with a safe burger.....


Vikki said...

I think I'll stick to my current fave: avacado & bacon MMM-MM-MM!

Vikki said...
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One of Freedom said...

I'm not courageous enough to try any of their odder combos, but I have yet to have a bad burger from the Works!!!!!!!!!

Brigitte said...

I hadn't had the guts to try it but i was really curious to see if people actually order it. Did he like it or it was eatable??? My favorite is the stockyard burger digon mustard, peppercorn, swiss cheese :0) just thinking about it make my droole lol

Lynne said...

Oh girl, that looks so very . . . uh . . . interesting. I guess I'll have to try it once I'm there.