Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tour of Parliament

So, my dear friend Vikki works on Parliament Hill. She gave us a bit of a private tour of Parliament after we did the public tour. We even had breakfast in the Parliament "Centre block" cafeteria! (for staff only). Isn't that cool? How many people can say that they've done that! Vikki was awesome...and showed us some really cool stuff!

Paul Dawson and me in front of Parliament Hill having fun!

View of Ottawa from the Peace Tower

Paul reading the Terry Fox Memorial thing. (Terry Fox statue behind him)

Inside the House of Commons!

This is the only pic with Jason in it, because he was taking all the pics!

Parliament Library

Fun at Milestones

Peace! (The Peace Tower, that the background)

This is an underground tunnel that connects the various Parliamentary buildings! The walls are solid marble. I'm sure it's bomb or nuclear bomb proof. Paul thought it was awesome. It pays to have a friend in "high places"!

Paul in front of the "Eternal Flame" (and the Manitoba Crest)

I thought this was hysterical. Read the black part of the says "At Work in the Cabinet" and then look in the background. The aren't kidding!

The Doors to the house of Commons


Brigitte said...

you guys are really enjoying your time, I am glad for u. At work in the cabinet was very funny.
thanks for making me laugh.

Brian said...

I ate in that same cafeteria, 1986! I felt the power!!

Trudy said...

It sure looks like you have a lot of fun.
That's great!


Jennifer said...

awesome pics!! cracking up at the 'at work in the cabinet!' hilarious!!!!
and love the milestones outfit- cool necklace and shirt! :)