Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dad's Pictures

Driving past The Hill
The last of the tulips!
Aila laying on the carpet....so sweet!
Checking out a Text Msg!
Vikki comes for a visit!

Me pushing Dad in his wheelchair...he took this by holding the camera up over his head
Aila cleaning mud off her feet!
Anneka listening to Mommy's MP3 Player
Celebrating Anneka's Birthday a little early with Oma and Opa!
My Favorite Picture!


Stephanie said...

The picture of Aila lying on the floor is absolutely stunning! You have such beautiful girls : )

Nancy said...

Really great pictures and really great memories.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hey its me again,

This are great shots I love them all, also the one's from Ottawa tulips looks eally Dutch ,yes! The one with T&T (Opa/Oma) and A&A is so adorable! Its great to have them oevr and I am glad that you all (even Vikki! Hi Vikki...) enjoyed your time so much being together! I love looking at this photo's, thank you , thank you, it means a lot for me to follow your do's and don'ts together (but also about YOU!) It was hard of course to wave them out on the airport, I can tell how that is... (I Hate leaving!) but you can pick up the phone or MSN, its great that internet makes that all possible right? Thoug its not the same as meeting in person, That the BEST!

Love from JoAnn (Holland)