Monday, July 7, 2008


After putting my sunglasses on:
"'m just ADORABLE!!"

Before playing in the park:
"Mommiee....don't forget to put some sun-scream on me!"

In the car:
Yvonne: Girls...stop fighting. Try thinking about how you can be nice to each other!!
Aila: But Mommieee...we just like to think about ourselfs!!

"Mommieee....Anneka bonked me. (stomping her feet in anger) It wasn't an accident and it wasn't on purpose either!" (hands on her hips, demanding justice)

"Mommie...QUICK! Can you pweeze hide dease cars in your purse?" (hands me 3 pixar cars) "I fink dat girl is gonna steal dem from me" (she whispers, unaware the most other little girls have no interest in swiping her cars!)

Aila: (crying)"Mommie! Anneka called me a name!"
Yvonne: Oh? What did she call you?
Aila: She called me a DECOCK!!!
Aila: Mommy....??
Yvonne: Yes Aila?
Aila: Whats a Decock?

Overheard in the car:
Aila: Hey Anneka...what's "expert" mean??
Anneka: It's something you do really good even when you don't want to.


Trudy said...

Oh that is sooo cute. I can just hear them say those things!

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

I also see Anneka.. standing tere, with her hands on her hips... :)
did you buy the toy-cars for Aila?