Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uncle Ron's Visit

My brother Ron was in town on business, so last night we went out for dinner with him. It was fun! Afterward we stopped by Chapters to look for comic books for his boys, and then came back to our house to watch a movie. I would have liked to go OUT to see a movie, but dinner, babysitter AND a movie is just too pricey! (Oh how I miss Renee/aka: live-in-Nanny!!)

Anyway, we were only home for a few moments when Ron noticed that one of my kitchen cabinets was uneven. I'd noticed, but when you aren't handy, you just look at it and think "Hmm. That's not even. Oh well!" Within 2 minutes, Ron had a screwdriver, and was re-hanging the door! He's so amazing!

As I was putting Anneka to bed, she whispered

"He's like a fix-it SUPERMAN!" she said.
"Yes....yes he is!" I agreed.

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Ron said...

Thanks again for your hospitality. I had a really good time with you. See you next month!