Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Mosque post about Celebrity Rehab, and now all my ads are about drugs! Geez!!

Ooo....I had to tell you about another show I'm loving.
"Little Mosque on the Prairie"

I have Muslim neighbours, so I thought I'd watch an episode of Little Mosque...just to see what I could learn. I'm learning lots about Islamic tradition (even if it's a sit-com, and not everything is 100% accurate) but the characters are really cute, and it's quite funny! I have read some books on Islam, so I can see what parts of the show are not quite accurate (like flirting between male and female characters...something not done in Islam) and which parts really are accurate.

It seems that all information, books, websites written by Christians about Islam are very alarmist. I want to get some information, without someone telling me how worried I should be, or how wrong their theology is. I just want to know some cultural information so that I'm not an idiot when I talk to my neighbour. Being a Christian my entire life, I can draw my own conclusions about the faith-parts...thanks. I don't need to be freaking out about how they are gonna take-over the world. I just wanna love my neighbour! And not being ignorant about her culture is a great way to build a bridge.

So yeah...I'm enjoying the show. A fun way to 'study' an important issue....


One of Freedom said...

That is an awesome show.

April Ellis said...

LOL loving the Ads!

Jennifer said...

Definately shows the diffence between your "melting pot" culture and the South-no positive muslim show down here.