Friday, April 10, 2009

Exodus Cry Launch

Last night was the Exodus Cry Canada Launch/Vision night.

The National House of Prayer
(NHOP) has opened their doors for us to meet there once a week to pray. So that is where we were last night. It's such a NHOP is loved by all the churches in the city (every denomonation)...and seen as neutral ground. We couldn't have a better place to call 'home'!

Jason expected 15 people...but set out 30 chairs because we're classically optimistic. Well...we filled all those chairs! Many of our friends called to say they couldn't make it...which at first was discouraging. But now we know that the people who were supposed to be there...were there. And who knows if we would have had room for any more!! :P

Jason did a presentation that (I thought) was incredible. He clearly explained ECC, and explained the ins and outs of human trafficking and how we need to respond as the church.

One amazing lady drove 6 hours to be there. We had an instant connection with her. She and her husband run a safe-house for victims of abuse, and I got really excited!

See...we can try to help get girls free from trafficking in our city...but where do they go? We need safe-houses...and ideally...we need them far from Ottawa (Saftey for the girls, so that the pimps can't find them) How amazing!! The idea that we can rescue these girls, and then sneak them off to a loving place where they can hide, be introduced to Jesus, be loved, and find's just a dream come true!

Jason is an intercessor. I've always known that. He finds great delight and authority in the place of prayer. Kinda like a duck in water. He feels a call to attack problems in the heavenlies...and see God move. Of course, I love times of prayer...but it's not the place where I flourish. I'm gifted differently. I like to see a problem, and find a solution. (In business, or just in life!) I like to do stuff. Sometimes the only solution is prayer...and I've felt the burden of intercession fall on me in those times. Pacing the floor, and not relenting until I see a miracle happen. But often, I seem to just get the energy and creative ideas from God of how to attack a problem, and see it solved.

That's how I feel about trafficking. I want to find these girls...get a contact in the RCMP....and have a part in raids that rescue these girls. I want to drive them to a safehouse, hang out with them until they feel comfy...and then go and do it again. I want to find ways to raise money here in Canada, and see tonnes of money sent to Cambodia and Thailand to aid in the rescue of children.

Jason says that even tho I don't see it...that what I just typed here IS intercession. (To Intercede means to act on behalf of another person) So maybe I am one after all. Who knows!

But it gets me excited. I think in this, Jason and I are a neat combination of giftings. I look forward to what God will do.


Ren said...

I think you guys are amazing. The girls you will help can't possibly comprehend the great gift they are about to be given.

Brigitte said...

I wish I;ve could be there that night, so much is happening here in the last few day it was overwhelming and still is. My prayers and Toughts are with you guys.

Trudy said...

Yvonne and Jason
This is a wonderful ministry and outreach.
It amazes me again and again the abilities both of you have.

Our prayers are with you