Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Trip to Holland!

We're back! We had the time of our lives! Jason absolutely fell in love with Holland, and I was thrilled to watch him having so much fun! When we got to Paris, he looked at me and said "Holland is much nicer..." He already talks about going back! Yay! Also, it was neat for him to see where I come from...and to notice that some parts of my personality are cultural. I think he had many "aha!" moments while we were there!

Here is a slide show of just a few of our 800 photos. The other couple you see is Geert and Inge Van den enden, our friends from Holland who went with us to Paris!

On to the show: (Click the arrow to start, and then move your mouse away from the 'box')


Stephanie said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, some so very touristic haha, we never wore wooden shoes in our lives. We'll send you the slide pics later.


Trudy said...

hey there Elles
dit is Tante Truus
Sure was nice you came to Yvonne and Jason's welcoming party.
They had a lot of fun in Holland and seeing the family. Great seeing you on the pictures and slides.
What is your e-mail?

Love Tante Truus

Brigitte said...

wow thanks for sharring You really seem to have enjoyed your trip Wish one day it will be my tour HOlland seems really nice