Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday, Aila was being silly, and Jason said "C'mon ya little weiner..."

"Daddy, I am NOT a weiner! *hands on hips*. Furst....I am not the shape of a weiner. *uses her hands to show her body shape* Second, I am not the COLOUR of a weiner, and last....a weiner is naked...and I'M wearing clothes!!"
I'm convinced!


Aila is becoming a very good eater...trying anything and everything....liking most things. However, she is simply just not a fan of bread. Vikki reported that Aila told her (with tears and drama):

"I wish bread was never invented!"


My girls spend alot of time playing with boys. We've just never lived on a street that had girls their age. So, they hear alot of 'terms' that they don't quite understand. That's why it's not unusual when Aila falls on her butt to have her moan " cannolis!" Or our recent fav " tenders!"

We've tried to explain that girls don't have cannolis/tenders...and even bought a book for kids that shows male/female body parts. Aila is THRILLED with this book, and her new anatomically correct words. Being the 'ham' that she is, she now tries to throw them into sentences whenever she can, just to see Jason blush.....while she laughs and laughs at his reaction. It's very hysterical!


While with Vikki, the girls visited Chris, Vikki's brother. He and his wife have a nice house, full of video games and a big flatscreen. Of course, Anneka and Aila are limited to the Kid games, but Aila was curious to do a 'shooting' game. She had heard previously that she couldn't play them because of the 'blood and guts'.

While visiting, Chris and Jordan (vikki's son) were playing a hockey video game, and Aila wandered casually into the room. She climbed onto the sofa beside Chris...and heaved a deep sigh. The boys kept playing...engrossed in the game. Aila sighed again, and then stated nonchalantly..

"I like blood."

Chris peered over at her from the corner of his eye, stifling a smile

"I like's like ketchup."

"Can't play it, Aila" Chris said.

"Oh Drat" she muttered.

She heaved another great sigh and went back upstairs.

It was a good try though!


Yvonne said...

WOW now thats what I can a FUNNY BUNNY!

Aila is right! She is not a weaner!

Well sometimes she can be a weaner!

Ha ha


Nancy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these funny stories. It makes them feel closer. Aila is very amusing and seems to have inherited your sense of humor. Well done. Love you.

Trudy said...

That is so funny.

Stephanie said...

O my, you have such a funny kid!!!