Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm like, soooo mature

I've never claimed to be mature. However, I don't think I'm immature either. I think I fall somewhere in the healthy middle. I like to say that "I can be mature and serious when it's needed, otherwise, I'd rather just be 'playful'"

I always assumed that having kids would keep this part of my personality more alive. But in reality, I tend to slip into being the 'parent' so often, that I actually find myself less playful than I used to be. So I look for opportunities to be silly, lighthearted, and have fun with life.

Yesterday I had to buy office supplies for my office. (Aptly named, huh?)

I was walking through the aisles, looking at pencils, folders, notepads, pens....and I picked up some simple professional supplies and carried them in my arms. I realized that I was stopping and giggling at some of the 'other' styles available. They made me smile. It was then that I wondered just why...if I'm the only one who sees them...I'm getting such boring 'professional looking' supplies?

I put them all down and started over. I decided to pick the ones that made me smile. Besides, if you are going to buy a pack of pens, and you happen to have 2 little girls living with you, you may as well buy the family pack of Winnie the Pooh pens. So I did.

And since I like things to match....I got these "Happy Bunny" themed file folders and notepads. They made me laugh, because I was picturing what Jason would say if I brought them home.
And I was right.
He was slightly confused, rolled his eyes a little, let out a sigh.....and walked out of my office shaking his head murmuring something about "Whatever makes you happy, sweetheart". (This is what makes him such an amazing husband. This is not his own style at all...and yet he knows when to just let me, be ME...and enjoy our differences)
And I smiled and let out a 'hee hee'.

I doubt that if I were a lawyer, or even working in a design firm somewhere, I'd be so 'playful'...but these are the perks of the 'home office'.

I hope that every time I look at these, I'm reminded to take the time to have fun!


Trudy said...

Okay, I just bought the same stuff for your girls, hahaha! Ron is coming to Ottawa so he would get them to you. I thought they were so funny! I also bought it for Sammie so they could "compare notes"


Ren said...

Being "mature" is sooo overrated. Silly office supplies rock, just like foregin cartoons!