Thursday, April 1, 2010


Aila came home with a big owie on her nose. She had fallen and scraped her nose (quite badly) at school, and now has a huge slice of skin missing from her nose! It looks quite sinister! I can see that she is rather bored of answering the question from people "Ohhh...what happened?" She's now livened up her answer a bit:

Random person: Ohhh...dear...what happened to you???
Aila: You think THIS is bad?? You should see the OTHER GUY!!
Some kids just find potty-language incredibly humorous. Aila is one of them. She also happens to have a unique talent. She can 'toot' on command. We found this out a couple years ago when I saw Aila surrounded by giggling kids...saying "Do it again!!" And she'd happily oblige them.

This is a typical happening in our house:

*aila toots*

Aila: Mommieeee...I toooooted! (said with complete glee)
Yvonne: Of COURSE you did....
Aila: Yup...its just whaaat I do....
......its my destiny....
My favorite is when she goes running down the hall yelling:
"Panty BOMB!" (followed by a toot)

Ah yes....she will make an entertaining spouse for some lucky lucky man someday! haha

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Trudy said...

This kid is something else, hahaha!