Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Why don't you blog anymore?"

People keep asking me this.

Honestly....I have nothing to say. Or...what I have to say is so redundant...there's no point. Wanna know how things are? Just look at my archives from 1 year...or 2 years ago. That's how I am. But I know what it's like to listen to someone who's story stays the same. It's exhausting! You wanna scream "SHUT UP!" or "GET OVER IT!". I feel ya....

If you can't say anything nice.....

I'd love to blog about my business, but it's at the point where I can't. I have many accounts, and I need to be professional. I can't talk about clients here. (tho It would be fun to, since there are so many quirky ones!) I can say that I'm still doing book-cover design, and am approaching the 800 mark (800 printed books). I do alot of marketing materials, logos....etc. I've done design work for some great companies/ministries in Ottawa. One Way Ministries, City-Wide Worship and Prayer, of course...Exodus Cry, Calvary Fellowship, Career Joy, Sync-Up and more that I can't recall right now. I love my job....that hasn't changed. In fact, I've experienced amazing blessing and growth since coming here. So I know that God is in it. Somehow.

So I can post Aila-isms....that's about all I can think of to write right now.

I suppose that if you are very curious about the details of my could always give me a call. *wink* Other than that....not sure what to blog.

I'll follow this up with some Aila-talk!

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Kristi said...

I feel the same way about blogging in the last year or so and am wrestling about continuing.

I too think...if people want to know the details, they can ask me and make an effort to know the inner workings of my life =)

As an extrovert, which I know you are too, I find myself getting hurt feelings when people read details on facebook or my blog and then never ask me how I am in real life. But then, do I do it to myself by posting the details?

Enough of my ramblings on your blog! But, I must say....I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!