Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Days, Bad Days

So today is a tough day. What's that they say? "When it rains, it pours". Why is that? Why do all relational stress and drama happen on the same day?

To top it's a slow work week. That leaves me with much-too-much free time on my hands to think. And there's only so many games of Bejewelled you can play before your hand cramps up. :)

My Mom and I were chatting earlier...and we were laughing saying "Life would be so much easier without all these people!!" Relationships are such a balance...we need them...desire them...and yet they take so much work! And then there are some that you are just confused by. Those that you don't really choose...but they are in your life anyway through association (like people you work with, friends of friends, or people in your children's lives etc)

So I'm tired today. Tired in my head, that is. It's cloudy too. That makes me even more 'blah' feeling.

Anneka is being teased at school. It really bothers me. She's being teased because of a friend she has. The friend isn't very popular. A little odd...not 'cool looking', nerdy etc. When I ask Anneka, she says "I just think B is a really nice person! We have alot in common....and I don't really care that other kids don't like B....I think he's nice"

I'm proud of her. That's my girl...not giving a rip what anyone else thinks. Not being swayed by the crowd. Except that now, kids are teasing Anneka. I finally called her teacher today...and the teacher confirmed that B is a sweet sweet kid....and that she will put an end to the bullying.

As a Mom...your kids' stresses become your stresses. Lord help me...not to pummel the bullies at school. (Tho I did make Anneka smile by offering to kick the living crap out of someone, if she wanted.)

She smiled and gave me a huge hug "* for the offer Mommy...."


Nancy said...

I will gladly come down and help you out with that problem... someone picking on our children reveals the heart of a parent roused to zeal and willing to deal justice...even if unwisely...still, the heart of the Father breaks with ours when He sees the hurt inflicted on our kids, but He also sees the heart of the bully with tender compassion as well. Still if He anoints me to battle with you....I am in all the way for our girls. love you , mom.

Anneka said...

huh? TOO MUCH WORDS!ha ha