Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ottawa Weather

So, it's -32C (-25.6F) with the windchill in Winnipeg. Brrr! It's -7C (19.4F) here (with windchill). Lesser brrr...

But I just had to post this image. I've never in my life seen "triangles" falling from the clouds....its a total Ontario thing that I found funny. It means ice pellets. Rain, and snow. More like hail and snow....which i lovingly refer to as "snail". It snails often around here.

We have a dusting of snow on the ground. (as you can see over on the right of this page, on the live webcam view of Parliament Hill!)  You can still see grass poking through, so we don't really "count" that as really 'having snow'. However, there is a chance in the next 3 days that we could get a good dumping. Aila is very excited! I'm not so much excited. I'm kind 'over' snow. But if the snail/ice/rain/snow comes on Sunday...chances are the buses will be all covered in ice...and when that happens...they call a 'snow day'. Or rather..."ice day". And buses are then cancelled. Schools are open, but without buses...the kids just mostly stay home. And of course...the kids would love that. Especially since that would give them a 3 day school week.

This weekend we're taking the kids to Kingston. Jason often has business there, and does again this weekend. But with it being so close to the holidays, we don't really wanna be apart. So the girls and I are joining him in Kingston, starting on friday. It will be some nice time away.

Anyway...thats all for now! (well..I do have some fun 'work' news, but I can't share it quite yet!)

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Lynne said...

Will you still be joining us tomorrow morning (Sunday)? Church starts at 10:30 and then we can have lunch at our house afterwards. I think I'll be making meatballs tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I hope your trip to Kingston was a lot of fun.