Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In May, Anneka turned 11! I still can't believe that my baby is a pre-teen!

Anneka is quite a classic introvert. She refuels by being alone...having quiet...its refreshing to her. Aila is the opposite. She loves people...she refuels by being social. Having those two share a room has been very interesting...but I was committed to it. I knew it would be good for have to share a space, toys, cleanup together, share the responsibility. But now that Anneka is older, we have been noticing her being frustrated with not having a space of her own where she can simply close the door, and be alone.

We have a 4-bedroom home, which would normally be plenty of room for a 4-person family. However, both Jason and I have home offices...which means 1/2 of those rooms are taken. Jason made the decision that it was more important for his little girl to have her own space...and is now renting office space in a building 10 minutes from our home. Tomorrow Anneka's new room will be painted, and furniture arrives in the next couple of weeks as well.

In the meantime, I helped Jason decorate his new office space (paint, furniture etc) and also did a 'mini makeover' on Aila's room.

Here are the results! (click to enlarge)

 And Jason's office (top photos are the 'before' images, as this room was used for storage before it was rented to him!)


Kristi said...

Looks great! You have such a flare for decorating and making things look nice!

Vikki said...

Aila's room is beautiful...but maybe missing something... yes, some grass would have looked lovely in there :)

Yvonne Parks said...'t remind her! She's finally given up that idea. Besides, I told her the new area rug is pretty much like 'pink grass'. She bought it!!!! Haha