Monday, October 17, 2011

The Christian Discount.

If there is one thing that Christian people are known for in business...its for their lack of generosity. In one word...they are 'cheap'. There is always an expectation of a discount. In my mind, how is this even possible?
Is there anything in God's character that is "cheap"? Is there anything in God's character that gives the bare minimum? On the contrary, God's character is one of generosity. Words like "abundance", "overflowing"...not just filled up...but running over. There's nothing 'cheap' about running over. In's more than you can handle. More even, then we deserve.

What bothers me, is that when Christian business people are constantly wanting the lowest price, the best deal or what I like to call "The Christian Discount", we are actually acting in a way that is OPPOSITE of God's character. Its anti-God's Character. It's not just the opposite of the way Christ would act...but I believe it's unrighteous.

Now...this is funny coming from a frugal Dutch girl with a love for Dollarama. I love a deal. But I have learned alot about the spiritual effects of crazy generosity in the last 2 years. And what I've learned is that God's Kingdom is upside down. Jesus always did things opposite of what the norm was. He didn't follow rules. He established a Kingdom where things were not as 'man' would do them.

The norm is to think that giving will make you poor. That you should hold on to your stuff, your money, with all your that you will have enough. But the truth is, that in the Kingdom of God...that doesn't work. It will actually backfire. You will never have enough if you live like that. But if you give...(with a knowing that what you have is God's anyway) will see God giving back to you. And you will have FUN!

Back to Christians in business. Its really sad. My goal is to NEVER ask for the "Christian discount" again from a business. In desire is to not only pay what's fair...but pay more. Crazy? Sure. But how would YOU feel to be on the recieving end of someone like that? Wouldn't it bless you?!

I believe something supernatural happens when we act like Jesus...and in an opposite spirit of how the world thinks. Giving is upside-down. It never leaves you always fills you up. Spiritually and financially.


kenny said...

Yvonne...thanks for writing this. It is so true! May God Bless abundance as you give, pour out when it doesn't even make sense, and may it be to His Glory and His Fame.

Trudy said...

Very well written Yvonne. I am proud to be your Mom! ;-)