Sunday, October 16, 2011


I know I don't blog a lot. And when I apologize for not blogging, it's always for the same reason. "Nothing much to say!" I work, I sleep, I snuggle with my kiddos.

Fall is here, and I love it. I love the cooler weather because I love cozy sweaters. I'm not looking forward to the city being covered in snow however. But I was raised to always see the my 'positive' about winter is the fact that we are going on a long-awaited family vacation in January. So the faster winter comes, the faster that vacation comes! But a mild winter would still be nice. :)

For those of you who don't know (assuming anyone still comes here?) Aila-isms is still going strong. Check it out here:

Also, you can check out (my company site)

Pear Creative is also on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Youtube.

I'm really excited about this week, because I have a delivery of promotional giveaways arriving. Pear Creative is giving out some cool gifts to our clients and associates for Christmas! This is my first year doing this, but I'm really hoping they turn out amazing!

That's about it....I'll try to be more consistant. :)

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