Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oma's Visit

At Dollarama...Oma old Anneka that she could choose 5 things. Within a couple minutes of arriving, she came back with her arms full! Aila had found 1 thing.

Oma got the girls a stuffed animal. (Oh yeah...and lunch at McDonalds!)

Oma taking pictures with her phone

Aila, proudly wearing the "Cars" shirt that Oma bought her in North Carolina! (and yes...her little 'purse' is filled with cars!)


Three happy girls! (and a fourth taking the photograph!!)


Nancy said...

Great pictures Yvonne, the snow has actually disappeared....

Brigitte said...

these are great pictures. Girls seems really happy to see their grandma.

Deanna Momtchilov said...

I love how grandparents get to spoil their grandkids! My dad is here right now and the kids are all over him! He brought lots of presents from some of the other doting grandparents too! :)