Friday, January 8, 2010


They've been piling up. Here are the lastest!

Aila told Anneka she thought her new shirt was weird. I told Anneka not to take fashion advice from a 6-year-old who wants to wear the same fuzzy pink pants everyday because they 'feel like sweet-mama'

Aila: I know when the dinosaurs died!
Yvonne: Oh yeah? WHEN?
Aila: In the past!

Aila- I'm NOT a mind reader....but i'll practice in the mirror.

Aila: I can see my own bum cheeks, you know!

Aila: I have superpowers. My superpower is to scream and yell and cry.

Seeing the back room at the grocery store with a 'private' sign...Aila asks"is that where the workers go to take their pants off?"
Yes Aila. Yes it is

Aila: "Daddy, your a silly varmit!!"
Aila: "Daddy, what's a varmit?"

Aila at dinner: "mmmm...I love this chicken so tastes like SWEET MAMMA."

Aila: "Mommy...did you know that Terry Fox was a little boy who got cancer and had to run on leg that was half robot/half baseball bat?

Aila: "Mommy...listen....I don't call them fingers, I call them thingers because you use them to pick up THINGS...get it?"

Aila at supper: "I know what spicy food is made from.....FIRE!!"

Aila thinks that it would be less scary if it was called Funder instead of thunder.


Jennifer said...

Aren't the comedienes in the family great!! They keep life silly. I was chukling through them all.

One of Freedom said...

I'm with her on Funder!

Trudy said...

I love them!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Fantastic language, only a kid can say this, ( and you are great Yvonnen in writing it down "the way you do this SO fantastic!) its a pleasure to read!!

Anonymous said...

K. She makes me laugh! Kids.

Jennifer said...

laughing til my nostrils flare and I had to wipe tears to continue reading.
Thank you, Aila!!!
Oh, And you too, Yvonne... : )