Thursday, January 7, 2010

Product Rave

This is a GREAT ONE!

Or rather, "Smart One". Weight Watchers has a brand of products called Smart Ones. Frozen meals etc. Well, I had heard of these soups being in the US, but now they are in Canada! (In fact, the US has a few soups, like Progresso Light, that are Zero Points...but not available in Canada)

These are canned ZERO POINT soups! There are a few flavours: Vegetable Ministrone, Southwestern Vegetable and Thai Coconut Curry. (That last one sounds odd to me...but maybe it's good?)

Calories: 60
Fat: 0.2g
Fibre: 4g
Points: 0

So, my lunch today consisted of Minestrone soup (as much as I wanted), and a chicken wrap (see previous post about Blue Menu Wraps). Total Points? 2.5!!


Vikki said...

oh hooray!!! where did you get them?

Yvonne Parks said...

Superstore, and Walmart!

Anonymous said...

While it seems healthy the sodium in it is crazy - 820 mg. It is recommended not to have anything over 420 mg per serving!!

Yvonne Parks said... may have not noticed that I prefer people to sign a name to their comments.

I didn't say it was '100% perfect'...or even healthy. I said it was 0 points.

Comments like this frustrate me, after all the work I'm doing to get my fat/caloric intake under control. This is a HUGE step forward for me, since the kind of soups I used to buy were HORRIBLE in all ways. These are the steps I am taking now...and in the future will work on other issues such as salt, sugar, wheat and chemicals.

You probably don't have a life-long weight you wouldn't understand how a comment like this just belittles all the work I'm doing to TRY to make better choices.

Thanks for your comment...I'm sorry I'm not choosing products up to your standards...but I guess that is what YOUR blog can be used for! (Your journey, your journey, my blog)