Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Office!

Well, after 5 years of running my own graphic design business, I finally have an office!

We took our guest room (sorry guests!) and made that space my office. (I used to work from a small corner desk in our master bedroom...blech!) So it was high time that I had a suitable work space.

I was able to buy all new furniture for it....and design it as I wished. It was so much fun! I always loved my job, but now I just wanna hang out in my office all the I'm sad when I have no emails! I find myself wandering in, checking email after hours and on weekends on the off chance there is something that would warrant me getting to spend some time in there! Since my job is to be creative...I'm so happy to finally have a space that feeds my creativity.



Ren said...

It looks really fantastic. I'm in awe of you. Can you come to Vancouver and style our apartment?

I love you.


Yvonne Parks said...


You BET!!! :P

Deanna Momtchilov said...

It looks awesome! So happy for you to have this "space"! :) xo