Monday, November 29, 2010

Lost in Translation

I've spent a ot of time around Americans. In fact, we even have some in the family! When I visit with them, I really notice that there a few words that are very different in how we speak. I noticed it especially when I had my little nieces stay over....I had to 'alter' some language so they could understand! When I said "Please put your serviette in the garbage" they had NO idea what I meant! "Oh...sorry...please put your NAPKIN in the TRASH"

So if you are going over the border, (either way!) here are some tips on US/Canadian language differences!

Canadian = American

Garbage Can = Trash Can
Zed = Zee (the Alphabet Letter)
Toboggan = Sled
Double-Double = Coffee with 2 creams, and 2 sugars
Garburator = Garbage Disposal
Homo Milk = Whole Milk (short for Homogenized)
Runners = Tennis shoes/Sneakers
Grade 5 = Fifth Grade
Cheque = Check (the money kind)
Fridge = Refrigerator
Chocolate Bar = Candy Bar
Pop = Soda
Sucker = Lollipop
Kleenex = Tissue
Serviette = Napkin
Boulevard = Median
Toque = Hat
Couch = Sofa
Chesterfield = Sofa
Parkade = Parking garage
Looney = One dollar
Twooney = Two dollar piece
2-4 = A 24 case of beer
ABM = ATM (bank machine)
Boxing Day = The day after Christmas
Hydro Bill = Electric Bill

Then there are pronunciations:

Decal (that big sticker you put on your car)
- We say "deck-le" (like freckle)
-They say "Deee-cal"

-We say dramma (like gramma)
- They say Draw-mah

- We say "Pro-cess"
- They say "Praw-cess"



Trudy said...

Hahaha, so true

Ren said...

Oh those silly Americans! We need to teach them proper English.

Nathan said...

I always though "a BM" referred to something else.

Kristi said...

It's so true! And it's funny that because we're around so many nationalities here in Kona and many of our classmates are American, I find myself saying trash instead of garbage regularly. It's just easier!